Sharp Over-The-Counter Microwave Review

Sharp Over-The-Counter Microwave Review

For a home that loves nothing more than to prepare good food, it’s likely that you have the latest and greatest kitchen accessories around. With everything from premium pots and pans to the trendiest electrical devices, the only thing missing is a quality microwave oven that is just as impressive as you need it to be.

Traditional microwaves are fairly basic in every way, from their simple design and awkward positioning on your kitchen shelf to the functions that they’re capable of. The modern kitchen usually finds these older styles of the microwave to be more of a burden than anything else, and when they’re that limited in what they can do there’s really no need for them anymore.

Sharp Over-The-Counter Microwave Installed

What the modern kitchen needs is something that can keep up with the times, and offer innovative cooking functions and spaces saving ideas. The latest range of kitchen appliances from Sharp promise to offer just that, especially with their Over the Counter Microwave set to change the way you cook.

This unique microwave doesn’t need to sit on the countertop just to get used, and can be placed up high and out of the way to leave you with the bench space you need. Without relying on any special shelving or kits you can easily install in and give a modern, sophisticated look to your kitchen, with all of the essential features that you’d expect from an innovative microwave.

About The Product

The slogan for this microwave is Counter Intelligence, and that’s exactly what you can hope to find with the Sharp Over the Counter Microwave. Sharp has been at the forefront of creating innovative home appliances for decades, so it’s no wonder that this is one of the best microwaves available on the market today.

When features are important to you and you like your kitchen appliances to be able to do it all, you need a device that’s going to deliver. The Sharp Over the Counter Microwave has so many things to look forward to using, including:

  • 1100 watt power and 1 1-2 cubic foot capacity;
  • Instant action keys to cook meals for up to eight serves;
  • Keep Warm function for ensuring dinner is always hot when you serve it up;
  • Automatic sensor settings for the 11 most popular foods;
  • Popcorn sensor for the perfect pop every time;
  • Wide range of placement options above or on counter;

If you want the very best from your kitchen appliances and aren’t happy to settle for second best, investing in the Sharp Over the Counter Microwave will be the best decision you make this year.

Sharp Over-The-Counter Microwave Opened Door

With technology not found on any other microwave and a unique design that allows you to save countertop space and give your home a mini makeover in the process, there’s not much this device can’t do.

Sharp has really thought of it all when designing this premium microwave, and it’s one appliance that can take the place of many in your home. This device is full of automatic and preprogrammed features so you don’t need to give a second thought when cooking some of your favorites, which can save you hours of time each week in the kitchen.

What To Expect

By far the biggest selling point of this device is that it’s one of only a few over the counter microwave ovens that you’ll find. This means it’s great for those who already had one installed which needs upgrading, or if you’re short on space on the counter and don’t want to be without a quality and powerful microwave.

Some have said that the lights in the microwave could do with a little more power and it can be hard to see clearly, but if you keep your kitchen lights on while cooking then this won’t be a problem. Provided you’ve installed the microwave in the right spot at home, you should have adequate light to get your cooking done.

You can expect to spend a little more on this device when compared to others, but there’s absolutely no mistaking that you’re paying for quality and features. If you’re looking for a simplistic design that won’t take up much space, it’s best to keep shopping around, as this is certainly a top of the range option.

Buying Advice

When you want the absolute best in your kitchen and are happy to spare no expense, you’ll want to invest in the Sharp Over the Counter Microwave. Priced at around $400 for a new system, this is certainly on the more expensive end of the scale, but still, a great bargain when you purchase it through Amazon.

Amazon will arrange to have this shipped for free to your door, and for those members of Amazon Prime, you’ll receive it in just two days. This means you can upgrade your entire kitchen in just days all thanks to this one simple purchase.

Sharp Over-The-Counter Microwave


Sharp offer their customers just a one-year limited warranty on this, which is kind of disappointing when you’re spending that much. However, Amazon also offers up to four years of additional coverage with their Protection Plan which can be purchased for this microwave for around $50.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve looked at the rest and want to invest in the absolute best, there’s no denying that the Sharp Over the Counter Microwave can deliver the goods. For those who have the budget to spend, you will be absolutely thrilled with everything this handy device can offer.

For a microwave oven that can do more than the traditional style, purchase the Sharp Over the Counter Microwave. When you see just how much is capable with the one system, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it before.

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