KitchenAid KMT223 Toaster Review

KitchenAid KMT223 Toaster Review

When you think about the typical kitchen, there are some appliances that every home should have. One of the most loved and most used appliances would have to be the toaster, capable of delivering the one thing which makes up so many of our favorite meals.

A toaster can be used for bagels, to make toast for bacon and eggs, or just by itself with any number of toppings and spreads.

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Finding a good toaster these days is tough, though, especially if you want something that’s going to last your home for years. Too many people think the only consideration they need to make is price and so they purchase a cheaper brand only to find in a few short months it suddenly no longer works.

For this kitchen appliance that gets so much love, you should be happy to invest in the best. Kitchen Aid is well known for creating absolute quality kitchen appliances, and all with the sophisticated style that this brand is known for.

Once you own a quality toaster, you’ll notice an instant improvement in how perfectly your bread and bagels are cooked, and will never be able to go back to an inferior brand again.

The Kitchen Aid 2 Slice Toaster could be just what you’ve been searching for, with a simple design that creates toast to perfection every time. Full of all the little features that make it that much easier to use, this is definitely one of the best choices around if you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen’s toaster.

About The Product

There are a few global brands that are instantly recognized for their quality kitchen appliances, and there’s no doubt that Kitchen Aid is one of them. When you make the choice to invest in a Kitchen Aid 2 Slice Toaster, you’ll get such features as:

  • 1 ½ inch slots to suit all kinds of bread and bagels;
  • Countdown timer to show you exactly when your bread is ready;
  • Separate buttons for defrosting, reheating, and bagel cooking;
  • LCD display to show you the progress of your toast;
  • Stylish all metal construction;
  • One Touch control gives you your bread in an instant when you want it;

Thought of as a premium kitchen brand that makes top of line appliances, many families are happy to invest a little more to get a quality product that will outlast most of the inferior brands. The Kitchen Aid 2 Slice Toaster is a prime example of this quality, with a simple design that gets you restaurant and café quality toast no matter the size of bread.

KitchenAid KMT223 Toaster Control Panel

This toaster might sound like something out of the space age, but it’s easy to use and has all of the features you never knew you needed from a kitchen appliance. With simple buttons and clear displays, you won’t need to worry about burning toast ever again and have peace of mind that breakfast will be delicious and easy to prepare every day.

What To Expect

There isn’t too much you can say about the Kitchen Aid 2 Slice Toaster that’s negative, with everything from its sleek metal design to the handy LCD display being all part of its genius. Compared to traditional toasters, there is minimal effort required from this one and that’s all thanks to the One Touch control.

By far the best thing about this toaster is how many things it can do when compared to your old toaster. There’s a setting specifically for bagels, a reheat option that can bring your toast back to life if it’s gone cold and uneaten, and even a defrost button so you don’t have to suffer through soggy bread anymore when it’s come from the freezer.

The only real disadvantage to this toaster is the price, with some homes simply not being able to justify the cost for a toaster. However, when you put into perspective how much daily use a toaster gets in your home, it really is an investment in a quality product that will hopefully last your kitchen for a few years at least.

Buying Advice

When it’s time to upgrade your toaster and you want the absolute best you can get, you’ll be happy to know that the Kitchen Aid 2 Slice Toaster is available from Amazon for a discounted price. Although still quite a bit more than traditional toasters, you can get this innovative appliance for under $100.

Not only will you find it cheaper on Amazon, they’ll also ship it to your house for free. If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll be enjoying the best toast of your life in just two days thanks to the free postage offered by this premium service.

KitchenAid KMT223 Toaster


Kitchen Aid offers a month limited warranty on this toaster, but there’s no doubt it will last many more years than that. However, if you want absolute protection you can purchase a four-year Protection Plan from Amazon that will cover you for mechanical and electrical faults with this appliance for just over $10 extra.

Final Thoughts

When you’re shopping for a top of the line toaster with all of the bells and whistles, you can’t go past the Kitchen Aid 2 Slice Toaster. Although simple in its design, it will never fault in delivering you the perfect toasted bread or bagel, making it an essential appliance to have in any kitchen.

If you can afford to spend a little more, you won’t be disappointed by everything you can get from just one simple toaster. Purchase the Kitchen Aid 2 Slice Toaster for yourself and change the way you enjoy breakfast.

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